Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tangled Party!!

So, since November we have been dying for Tangled to come out on DVD. (By WE, I think I really actually mean ME!) So, we decided to have a little party...well get together! My friend and her two boys came over and we watched the movie and then had lunch. We made Princess Crown sandwiches. The kids had a fun time. I am so glad I have such a great friend up here! I love spending time with her and her cute boys!

Not sure if you can really tell here...but Timmy was falling asleep while he was eating!! So cute! Here he is before he got tired! That's a typical Timmy Face!! Presli and Madden
Presli, Madden and Dre eating lunch!

Presli Turned 4!!

Four years ago yesterday I gave birth to my first baby! My baby girl turned 4 and she was so excited it was her "Special Day!" She woke up a little early and when she came into my room I started singing to her. She stood in the hall with a grin on her face. When I finished she ran in and said, "Is it morning time?" I told her it was and that it was finally her birthday. I asked her if she felt 4 now. She said, "Ya, I felt 4 in the night!" So funny! All day she kept talking about her special day.

We started the day off with dancing where her class sang to her and she passed out cupcakes. She then had her choice of eating anywhere she wanted for lunch. She of course chose Texas Roadhouse. Well, they aren't open for lunch so she chose her next favorite...Applebee's! Joe met us there and we had lunch. They sang Happy Birthday to her and she got to pick out a little prize. We went home and while the boys napped we decorated a little crown for her to wear.

She was antsy all night. She had to wait til Joe got home from work and young men's to open her presents. It was torture to see them sitting on the table and not be able to open them. Finally at 7:30 she got to open her presents!(We were all in jammies ready for bed!) She was hilarious. I had the camera up and every time I took a picture...she posed. None of the pictures below were of me telling her to was all her!

Presli has been such a joy to have in our lives. I am so lucky to be the mom of such a loving, adorable, smart little girl. Not a day goes by where she doesn't put a smile on my face! I love you baby girl!!!

Ready for dance in her new dance outfit!!! Talk about a cheese!!
Another pose! That seems to be one of the most famous!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Knox loves this trick with Daddy!

Knox and Presli on St. Patrick's Day.

Madden eating St. Patty's Day Dinner (Breakfast!)

Presli eating her green food!

St. Patrick's Day Morning...the Leprechaun visited!

Nana took them to Disney on Ice

Swinging at the park

Mommy and Knoxer at the park

Picnic at the park

Presli at the park.

Knox getting a breathing treatment...all 3 kids were way sick for about 2 weeks!

Madden's party at home.
Dallyn, Joey, Pres, Madden, Aniston, Dre and Corbin.

My first attempt at a fondant cake!

Madden on his Harley Tricycle he got for his birthday.

Madden's Harley Davidson birthday party

Opening his presents...he was so sick. Didn't really crack a smile the whole party.

Knox on Valentine's Day

Madden, Presli and Knox

So, I got on our blog to update and holy cow...didn't realize how long it had been since I had posted. So, I won't be catching up from the past 4 months....there would be way too many pictures. So, above are pictures of a few things we have been up to...

First off, we moved up to Bountiful the middle of October. I was not super excited about it, but I knew it was what was best for our family. Turns out, I really like it up here!! I love Bountiful. I have to say though, had it not been for my friendly neighbor introducing herself the day we moved in, I may not be enjoying it so much. We do alot together. She has become my best friend up here...which I really needed. It feels like I've known her longer than I really have. So thank you thank you Kim...I love you!!

Joe's job is going better than we could have ever imagined! He is super busy and works alot, but we are blessed that it's not the other way around. I am so grateful for all of his hard work! I have the best husband in the world! The kids seem to enjoy it here...we do miss our family and friends in St. George, but it's been kinda fun it just being the 5 of us!

Knox is now 7 1/2 months old! Holy cow how time has flown. He is seriously the best baby ever. He only cries when he's hungry or tired and constantly has a smile on his face. He absolutely loves Presli and Madden. They are so good to him. He definitely is never in need of any attention...he has plenty! I thought for sure they would be sick of him by now...nope, they still think he's the best thing ever!! Knox has a few names..Knoxy, Knoxy Roxy, Knoxer, Knoxous, Knoxaramous. The kids love to sing this to him: "Knoxy Roxy puddin' and poxy kissed the girls and called them foxy!" I sang it to him once and the kids thought it was funny! He is jabbering and laughing alot, sitting up, rolling over and loves to stand up. His favorite toy is his jumparoo! He sits and bounces uncontrollably!! He loves his sleep...and loves to have his face covered. He just had his 7 month check up and is definitely our big boy! He weighed 21 pounds and is 28 inches long! He has been such a blessing to our family!

Madden just turned 2 the end of February. We went to St. George and celebrated with family and friends the week before and then on his birthday we celebrated at home with more family and friends. I can't believe he is 2! He is talking so much. Each day I just laugh at the sentences he comes up with. He is going to be our little heart breaker...with those big blue eyes! He is our little sensitive boy! I can't even count how many times a day he says, "Mom, Mom...I wuv you!" He loves Presli and Knox. He follows Presli around and copies almost everything she does. And he is such a good big brother to Knoxy Roxy. Some of the funny things he always says are: "Nasty Nana! No, I do it! I did it! No poopers! I wuv you! I am awesome! How's work dad? How's dance Pres? See mom, see dad, see Pres!" He loves motorcycles, trucks(particularly Papa's Big Truck!), cars, trains, balls, Buzz, and Woody. He LOVES his milk! And is definitely a mommy's boy! He is such a joy in our lives! We love him to pieces!!

Where to start with our little Presli!! Presli will turn 4 at the end of the month. Seems more like she is 3 going on 13!! He acts so old for her age and it just kills us at the words she uses in her everyday vocabulary. Most of the words I don't even use at age 29! She is so smart! She loves showing off all that she knows. Her phone number, address, color words, counting by 5's and 10's, rhyming, syllables, time on the hour and half hour, all of the sounds of the alphabet and much more! She is definitely a girly girl. She loves playing dress up, loves princesses, make up, and fingernail polish. She loves to dance. She started taking again when we moved up here and she loves it. She is such a great helper...especially with her brothers. She is my little babysitter when I am putting Madden down for a nap. She is always willing to help entertain Knox when I need her too. She just recently learned how to change the boys diapers! Only the peetail ones though!! She is really proud of herself! She is our drama queen. Holy cow...some days I wonder how I'll get through the next 15 years! I guess I just have to feel lucky she's my only girl!! She is definitely a mommy's girl. She has more energy than any kid I have ever seen. She is going strong from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed! She keeps us on our toes! We love her and she is such a great little girl!
Joe and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on the 12th! I surprised him and picked him up from work. We ate at the Roof and stayed at The Little America. We had a girl we've known for years come and stay with the kids (with some help from Nana)! We were so lucky to have her! The kids loved her and Joe and I had a great time spending the evening alone! We are so blessed to have the life we have. We really couldn't ask for anything more. We love our life!!