Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Primary Children's Hospital-An Eventful Weekend

So, we had quite an eventful five days this past weekend. On Thursday night Presli started acting weird and was having difficulty breathing. She would cough so hard she would dry heave and throw up. Finally after three hours of non-stop crying, we took her to St. George Hospital. The doctor looked at her and told us she just had a bad cold, and sent us home. Well, we headed up to Salt Lake on Friday for a family Christmas party. On Friday night, she started again. She was wheezing horribly, couldn't breath and just kept crying. I woke up my mom at about 1:00 in the morning and asked her what we should do. She thought we should take her to the Hospital. Since we were in Salt Lake I called my friend Michelle and asked her where we should take her. She said Primary Children's because if it was RSV or something like that, they would transfer us there anyway. So we headed to Primary's. Yep, Bronchiolitis/RSV. She gradually got worse and worse. She looked horrible. It was so sad. After a few tests, a breathing treatment, a nose suction and a chest x-ray, we were admitted at 4:30 A.M. She wouldn't sleep so that meant Joe and I couldn't sleep. We were exhausted. Well, we missed our family party and spent our weekend in the Hospital. We got there Friday night and were not released until Christmas Eve morning. We actually had planned on spending Christmas in the Hospital by the way the Doctors sounded. It was horrible seeing your little child so helpless and sick. She was hooked up to monitors, had an IV (which she didn't even flinch when she got), and had oxygen tubes up her nose. She could not even hold her head up she was so weak. She was called the "Pretty Baby" and the "Model Baby" by all of the nurses. They loved her. (Although with all of the poking and prodding, she was not too fond of them.) She is doing so much better and now only has a really bad cold. As horrible as this experience was, we are so grateful it was what it was, we saw so many children that were so sick, and did have to spend Christmas in the hospital. We are lucky to have her home, especially for Christmas!! Here are a few pictures of our sick little Presli...
Presli getting a breathing treatment.

Presli with hooked up to oxygen.

Hooked up to machines.

Doesn't she look so sick??

Asleep in Grandma's arms!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Crawling for the remote!

Crawling for the tile! (She loves the tile???)

Well, Sunday Presli took her first real crawls. She was sitting by me while I was getting ready and she took 4 crawls!!! We are so excited ( I am not sure why, now I will constantly be pulling her away from things!) She doesn't have it down all the way, but she is getting closer.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cinderella Baby...

So, a while back we were told that Presli needed to enter this Cinderella Baby Pageant. So, we decided to do it just for fun. I am not sure it was all it was cracked up to be. It mostly just seemed like a free for all. 34 babies all under two??? Ya, a little chaotic and not too far into it, I would say more than half of them were past naptime! But, Joe took Presli back stage for a close up with the judges and then walked her on stage to music. She performed great considering SHE was thirty minutes past naptime. She smiled a little and waved alot. She looked darling though, atleast we thought so. There were 34 contestants, (including some boys). She won prettiest eyes and cutest personality. I am not sure what all of the awards were, (it wasn't too organized!) But we were happy with the outcome...she did great! Anyways, we thought we would share a couple of pictures from the big day! Dad, Presli and Mom with Presli's trophies and crown!

Presli and Mom after her on stage walk with Dad!