Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Few Fun Pics!!

Presli sitting on NaNa's lap at the rodeo! Presli loved watching the horses and everytime someone would clap, she would join right in with a huge smile on her face! Me and Presli left the Rodeo a little before it was over cause Presli was tired. I got home and put her straight in the bath. During her bath she was fine, not sleepy at all cause she played and played. Well, I went to go get her pajamas while the rest of the water let out, and this is what I came back to, a little Presli Jo sound asleep! It was so stinkin' cute!
We have started potty training Presli a little bit. She loves to sit on the toilet, but her most favorite thing to do is wipe. No matter what she wipes the back, then the front! It's so cute! And she does it every time! We have had about eight or so successful "pee pees" on the toilet, but no successful "poopies" yet. She's still young, so I am sure she will get the hang of it!
Presli got her pictures taken with Korver the other day. She loves to hold her little cousin. Here she is on NaNa's lap holding Korver!
Checking out his tiny feet!
Last night was Presli's very first time in her "Big Girl Bed". She did great! She went straight to sleep. No getting out of it at all. Joe checked on her at eleven and she had fallen off onto the body pillows we put on the floor. He put her back on her bed, and then checked on her again early this morning. She was across the room on the the floor next to her book shelf. Poor thing, I wonder how long she was there. She must have not had a great experience cause I just put her in there for her nap and she did not want to stay. Eventually she came out, and then I had to shut the door and just let her cry herself to sleep. Eventually she did! (But look at the smile on her face last night, she was thrilled with her new bed!!)
Oh and last but not least, I will not make you wait as long as I first planned on. We are having a . . .
Any final guesses??

Can you tell??
Alot of you guessed it right!!
Yipper Skipper, It's a BOY!!!!!! I am still having a hard time with the boy thing though. It just seems so weird. I have a girl, so it would be easy to picture a girl. But this is all so new, so it's gonna take me awhile! Joe is thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I am excited too. It just may take me a little bit to actually realize it's a boy!!!! I will though!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Presli Has Something To Say...

Yep, that's right! Presli is going to be a big sister! I am due March 20th . . . and that makes me 3 1/2 months along! So, we do know what we are having! Any guesses? Make your predictions . . . no cheating cause some of you already know!!!! Being one and a half, Presli obviously doesn't have the concept down. We say, "Presli do you want to be a big sister?" Her answer, "NO!" "Presli do you want a baby _____?" Her answer, "NO!" But, she loves her cousin Korver, so we know she will be a great big sister!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Addition To The Family!!

We had a wonderful new addition added to our family late last night/early this morning! Korver C Christensen was born at 12:17 a.m. weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces, 20.5 inches long, with dark brown hair!!! He is absolutely adorable! Lacy did a wonderful job. Three pushes with the nurses, and then three small ones with the doctor and he was out! She would have actually had him 30 mminutes earlier had the doctor been there. They kept having to push him back in!!! I will post pictures on their blog later. So go check out the darling little thing!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Presli's 1st Day Of Preschool

So my mom finally opened a preschool in St. George. I will teach for her every other week while she is up north. It works perfect because Presli gets to go with me. Today was our first day. Presli did great. She sat up to the table with the other kids and even did a worksheet. I was really surprised. She loved it!! So here are a couple pictures. They aren't the greatest. (Anyone else have a hard time getting a 17 month old to hold still for pictures?? Nightmare!!)
Presli getting ready to go.

All ready for school. Do you like her new haircut? We cut off the mullet so she now has a bob!! We love it, but it makes her look like such a little girl. Not our baby anymore!

Presli with a couple of her classmates! Kamren and Corbin. Corbin is also her cousin. Her cousin Isaiah goes to school with her too!

Trying to give Kamren kisses!