Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surprise Birthday!

Our friends Brittney and Brandon's little boys 1st birthday is on Saturday and they are having a birthday party for him. Unfortunately us and one of our other friends will be out of town for the party. Brittney was sad that Cruz's friends would not be there for his party. So us and our friends the Torgerson's planned a little surprise party for Cruz. We had cupcakes and icecream, and opened presents. It was fun. So here are a few pictures of the little crew...Karson, Presli, and Cruz.

Presli saying "Cheese". Can you believe how big she looks? She does not look like a baby anymore!! So sad!!!
The whole crew...Daxon, Karson, Presli and Cruz.

4 Wheeling!

Me, Joe and Presli went 4 wheeling with my dad and my cousin Colton a couple weekends ago. I had to post these cute pictures of Presli. We forgot her backwards facing carseat, so she had to use her forward one. We had to put these goggles on her so the wind and dust would stay out of her eyes. We thought she would rip them off. Nope, she left them on the entire time! This picture we told her to say "Cheese" and this is what she did!! So funny!! Me, Presli and Daddy in the ranger!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family Pictures!

My sister, AKA LC Photography, was nice enough to take our family pictures. Considering we were 30 minutes late and Presli was everywhere but where she was supposed to be, our pictures turned out wonderful. I love them and Lacy did an awesome job! Thanks Lace, we are so happy with them. Here are a few of our favorites...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June BUNCO!!

It was my turn to host Bunco! We had a lot of fun...always do. In fact, we always say Bunco should be once a week instead of once a month! So here we are!!Top: me, Leslie, Kristi, Laura, Jarica, lacy
Bottom: Carly, JaLee, Brittney, Whitney, Brynne
(Amber skipped out early and missed the picture)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Time!

Here are just a few fun times we have had so far this summer. The weather here in St. George is so nice. I love the heat!!! It helps too that there are splash pads and water features all over for the kids to play in! Presli has had alot of fun in the water. Presli in her shades. She loves wearing them!!
Presli and Papa sitting on the swing after a swim!
Little naked bum running around!
Daddy and Presli getting ready to swim.
Mom, dad and Presli. (I know, I look hideous)
Presli swimming in her kiddie pool!

Playing at one of the splash pads!
Presli and mom at the splash pads.
A fun little river that they have made outside the library. We go to story time, and then head outside to play in the water!