Sunday, May 29, 2011

Presli's Dance Recital

Presli had her first dance recital with Dance Impressions last Saturday! She was so stinkin cute and did such a good job! We are so proud of her!

This is a picture I took of her before we left for her dress rehersal! So cute!

After the finale!

Getting ready to head back stage! Doesn't she look so old? Sad!

Pres and Daddy after the recital.

Preschool Graduation

The kids had preschool graduation on the 19th. They were so cute! Madden and his little friend Noah are the only 2 year olds! They were so cute all night. They were little buddies!
Madden and Presli after graduation.

Aren;t they the cutest ever??

Presli and her little friend Lexi received the Junior Scholar award. That means they passed off everything and they started reading! We are so proud of our smart little girl! Not to mention pretty cute too!

Presli had a little solo in one of their songs! She did so cute! (She loves being in the spotlight!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Daddy!! Madden giving Knox a ride on his 4 wheeler! He loved it!
Day at the park.

When the camera comes out...she strikes a pose!!

Madden on the swing!

Such a good big sister!

A look that is on his face more often than not!

Presli giving Knox a ride in her jeep...

Isn't he so handsome??

There it is again...

My two handsome boys!

Knox LOVES suckers!


Knoxer at 9 months old!

He is still my angel baby!! He is always so happy and content! At his 9 month check up he weighed 22 pounds (75%) and 29 inches long (90%). The doctor couldn't believe how good he was. He just held completely still and looked at her and she did all of her poking and looking around!! He is still in love with his brother and sister and enjoys every bit of attention they give him! He loves to get on his hands and knees and do rock it! He wants to crawl so bad, but can only get from place to place moving backwards!! He is my champion eater! He loves everything we put in front of him! He is the biggest joy in our family and we love him to pieces!! Cute Presli at 4 years old! (Madden wouldn't participate for pictures, so his will come later!)
A few weeks ago we went to St. George's for a friends baby blessing. Me and the kids stayed for a week. During that time Joe's mom had all of the grandkids together for the first time! SWe had to take a picture! Talk about a chore getting all 12 kids to smile at didn't happen!