Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday my mother in law came over to the house and brought over some of Joe's baby stuff she found. We put Madden in Joe's little velour outfit. Such a cutie!

Madden is so close to crawling. He is starting to get so frusterated cause all he can do is scoot backwards. He took two crawls last night and was so proud of himself. I can't believe he will be nine months old this week!

Disney Princesses on Ice

Last weekend me and Presli went up north and went to Disney Princesses on Ice. We went with Nana, my cousin Mikki and her two girls Emerie and Hallie and my friend Lindsey and her little girl Kinlee. Presli had such a great time. She sat with a perma grin and hollered at all the princesses. It was so cute.

High School Again...

Me and my friends from high school met in Salt Lake and went to dinner. It was so good to see everyone. We had such a great time. If only we could do it more often!

Chrissi, Mandi, Me, Lacy, Michelle, Amanda, Sadie, Joell, Harmony

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is For You Amber!!

We had Tie Dye Bunco this month! It was so much fun!!! Definitely the funnest Bunco ever...way to go Lou!!!


You can't tell but we had lights off, strobe light going, lava lamp on and glow party!!

Me and Joe on Halloween night at his parents house!

Madden and Daddy on Halloween Night!!

Madden our little Skunky!! Is he not the cutest???

My little Skunky and Cutest Little Minnie I've ever seen!!!

Skunky and Daddy!!!!

Ready for Trunk or Treat at Joe's parents ward! Me trying to get Presli to smile and look at the always!

Our 4th annual Adult Halloween much fun! Check out the sick old pedifile!!! Hilarious!! We had a lot of fun and missed those that could not make it. Hopefully next year! Best costume went to...Taylor Swift and Kanye (the Harris')

More pictures!

Kids Halloween Party! It was so cute to see all of our little ones dressed in their costumes!! It was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy running around all over the place!!

Minnie Mouse at our Preschool Halloween party!

Presli and her friend Kobie!

My two little sweeties in Presli's stylin' sunglasses!! Madden loves to wear them!!

Carving pumpkins with Joe's family!!!

The kids with their pumpkins before the carving began! Turns our none of them wanted anything to do with the carving process...Presli would not even touch the guts! She was too worried about getting dirty!!

October Bunco! I won best costume prize!!

Last but not least, the first and hopefully not last Club Klarman!!!!!!