Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Last Saturday we had a BBQ and went swimming at Joe's parents house. The kids had so much fun. They wore themselves out swimming all day!

Daddy and Madden

Joe swimming.

Madden fell asleep on Grandma's shoulder.

Me and Madden and Cindy and Layla

Presli, Layla and Madden eating some lunch!

Madden loved this little floaty. Every time we would put him on it, he would put his arms back and close his eyes. I am sure he would have fallen asleep had we let him lay there long enough!

Me, Joe, Presli, Grandma, Madden, Cindy, Grandpa and Layla

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Madden and Presli sitting with Papa...they love him!!

BBQ and a Movie

We had some friends over on Friday for a BBQ and then projected a movie on the house for the kiddos to watch. We had a lot of fun. It was great to get together with some friends. We are lucky to have such great friends! We even had our friends Chris and Jena come down and spent a little time with them...we haven't seen them in forever! It was a fun night!

Presli's Preschool Graduation

We had Preschool Graduation a couple of weeks ago. Presli was too worried about flipping her dress up, than she was singing the songs!! She sure did look cute though. She receieved the Pee Wee Scholar Award. Not because her Nana is the teacher, but because she passed off more than alot of the 4 year olds! I am so proud of her, she is such a smart little girl!

Daddy and Madden

Grandma and Grandpa Dee's

A few weeks ago me and the kids headed up north so I could give one of my friends a baby shower. My kids absolutely love my grandparents. Presli has always loved my Grandma and she always says that "Grandpa Dee is a pest!" Madden hadn't seen them since October so it took him a second to warm up to them. But once he did, he didn't want Grandma out of his sight! Their favorite part of the trip was Grandma and Grandpa taking them on the 4 wheelers to see all of the animals. They loved it. fail, every time, Madden would come back sound asleep!! It was a little chilly so Grandma found these beanies for them to wear...I thought they looked so cute!!

Presli and Layla

Here are a few pictures of Presli in her dance costume with her cousin Layla. These two have so much fun together. It was fun to have them in the same dance class!

Presli's Dance Recital 2010

Presli had her first dance recital on may 1st. She did such a great job! Her cheesy grin and waves to the camera are my favorite! I can't believe my little baby is getting so big! It brought a little tear down my cheek to watch her get up on stage and dance. I love my baby girl!

My Baby Boy..

I thought Madden looked so stinkin' cute so I just had to take a picture! Isn't he the cutest?