Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey everyone! As most of you know, we are moving up to Bountiful! My husband has had the opportunity to work from home for the past year and a half and with the company quickly growing, he has become too busy to continue to work from home, so we are heading north.

I am trying to get rid of a few things so I don't have to take it with us. I am selling my Squeaker Shoes for $6 (reg 18) and my BabyLegs for $6 (reg 12 or 15). If any of you would like to purchase them, please give me a call. You can go to my old blog to see what I carry. Sizes and styles are limited so I may not have what you see. Shoes do run true to size.
Kalli Rieck 435-216-8636

Friday, September 3, 2010

First day Of School!

Presli and Madden had their first day of school on Tuesday! This is the first year that Presli is actually old enough to be going to school...I can't believe she is that old already. They were so excited! Madden thought he was pretty big stuff that he got to go to school too! They both had a great time! I am so lucky that we have such a great preschool teacher!!! We sure will miss it when we are gone!
Presli and Madden in their new school clothes!

My Babies!

Presli Jo, Madden J, and Knox JKNOX J RIECK: 1 MONTH

Wow! I seriously cannot believe my baby is 1 month old! Here are a few things to remember about Knox at 1 month old:
*He only cries when he is hungry or when he can't go potty!
*He is mawled all day every day by his big sister!
*He loves to be snuggled...but loves to sprawl out on the floor or his bed too!
*He is an OINKER!!!
*He likes the binky, but doesn't love it!
*He still wakes up twice in the night!
*He loves to shower with mommy or daddy!
*He hates to have lotion rubbed on him!
*He will usually fall asleep anywhere...bouncer, swing, crib, floor, couch!
*He is a grunter!
*Has lots of nick names...Knoxy Roxy, Knoxalicious, Knoxville, Knoxaroo, Knoxaramous!
Knox has been the best little baby! We are so excited to have him a part of our family and couldn't ask for a more perfect little baby! We love you Knox J!


My sweet little Madden turned 18 months old at the end of last week! He is our little angel! Here are a few things to remember about Madden at 18 months:
*He loves to snuggle!
*He repeats everything!
*He loves his big sister and follows her around everywhere!
*He copies everything Presli does!
*He loves fruit!
*He has the sweetest personality!
*He loves to help!
*He loves balls!
*He gets broken hearted if he gets in trouble!
*He loves to hold his baby brother!
*He loves his milk!
We love having Madden a part of our family! He is the sweetest, most tenderhearted little boy! He is a mommy and daddy's boy and loves everyone! We couldn't ask for a more special little boy! We love you Madden J!


Presli Jo will turn 3 1/2 next month! She is our little DIVA! Here are a few things to remember about Presli at age 3 1/2:
*She is very High Maintenance!
*She is very dramatic!
*She loves Princesses and playing dress up!
*Most people think she is 4!
*She acts way mature for her age!
*She can write her name!
*She loves to be told stories...made up or real!
*She loves being a big sister and loves to mawl both of her brothers!
*She loves to hold Knox!
*She loves to dance!
*She is a picky eater and loves treats!
*She uses big words and is always saying the most hilarious things!
Presli is definitely her own little person! She brings so much drama and laughter into our home! We couldn't ask for a more adorable little girl! We love you Presli Jo!