Monday, September 21, 2009

Rodeo Parade

My cute little Preschool kids got to ride on a float in the rodeo parade. They had such a great time and all looked so cute!

Club Klarman

Last Friday my friend Laura had the very first, and definitely not last...Club Klarman! It was a lot of fun! Those of you that did not make it, sure missed out! Here are just a few pictures of our fun night!

My Big Girl

I can't believe little Presli is big enough to start dancing! She went for her first time last Thursday and absolutely loved it!!! She takes with her cousin Layla and the two of them have such a great time! She asked for three days to go back to dance! I hope she loves it as much as I do! I just can't belive she is really already this big! Time flies.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First of all, my little Madden, well ok, my little chubster will be 7 months old next week! Wow how time flies, not that it's been an easy flight, but it has been a fast one! He is the funnest little guy to have around. When he is out, but when he is good...he is a stud! Here are a few things about Madden at 7 months old...
*stats...weight, 20.1 pounds...80% and height, 27.95 inches...84%
*drastically dropped from 36 ounces of formula a day to 24!
*eating cereal and baby food now...loves his green beans and applesauce!
*can't wait 2 seconds for his food after he has seen it opened!
*downs 6 ounce bottle in no time at all!
*sitting up by himself...a few face plants one in a while!
*loves to sip threw a straw.
*can't help but smile when his little sister is around, or if anyone as much as looks his direction!
*loves his binky!
*loves any sort of song...mostly the ones I make up!
*loves Presli to act like a DORK for him...laughs histerically
*loves to roll from his back to his belly, but can't figure out how to get back over, while laying on his tummy his arms are clear out to the side and he looks like Superman!
*loves and requires so much attention.
*loves to swim!
*has the most girlish scream that he was taught by his sister!

We love you little Snack make our lives so happy!!!

Before the Superman position hits!!

This is the smile you will see on his cute little face almost everytime you see him!

The two cutest kids ever! Ok, well to me!!!!

Presli is 2 1/2 years old! She just turned into a little girl over night! She is talking like crazy and uses words that just make me shake my head! She is too smart for her own good. She is definitely one of a kind. She still likes Dora but is more into Princesses! Yes...slowly losing Dora! She can make you laugh at about anything she says! And half of the time she can make you want to kick her in the pants!! Her looks have saved her from a lot of that!!! But we love her!!!

My little spit fire! This little girl can give some drama! Can't wait for the teenage years!!

More of my little drama queen!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Madden Sitting Up!

Madden started sitting up by himself really good last week! He thinks he is pretty cool...until he falls! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! He is huge! I can barely carry him around! Love the little guy...such a cutie!!!


Preschool started back up on the 2nd of September! Presli goes 3 days a week when my mom teaches, and with me 5 days a week when I teach. We went out and bought her new school clothes! She loved helping me pick out outfits! I had so much fun doing it too! Here is a picture of her on one of her first days of school! Don't you love the sneakers??


Over Labor Day weekend, me, Joe and the kids packed up our stuff and took a 15 passenger van to Snowflake with his parents and his sister Cindy's family! We were loaded down! It was hilarious to have all of us loaded in this huge white van! Presli and the kids loved it. Her and Layla played, chatted and watched movies the whole way. Isaiah didn't make a peep most of the time, and us adults talked and enjoyed each others company. We went to see Joe's Grandparents. I had met them a few years ago, but they had not met either of our kids, or Cindy's kids and had not yet met Scott. So we decided over the long weekend, to make the trip. We had a great time. Laughed a lot and a few tears were shed. I only met Joe's grandparents three years ago, and his Grandma had started with Alzheimers. She asked over a dozen times who I was, and when Joe got married. Same with this trip. She doesn't remember anything longer than ten minutes or so. From what I see, Joe's grandparents are amazing people. His grandma still makes funny jokes, and his grandpa treats his wife like a queen! His Aunt Mary lives with them and takes care of them. She must be an amazing person, because that has got to be a difficult job...she will be rewarded! We had a great trip. It was good to spend a few days with family. Presli had so much fun with Layla. They are about 2 months apart and they just played (and fought)with each other the whole time. It made me realize how much more we need to get our kids together! Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip.

Great picture...4 generations!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Gus Gus

We just wanted to wish our cute little Gus Gus a very Happy 1st Birthday!! We are so glad that you are a part of our family! You are such a darling boy. We love you and hope that you have a great birthday!!!! Lots of hugs and birthday kisses...we love you! Love, Uncle Joe, Aunt Kalli, Presli and Madden