Friday, July 25, 2008

A Big Update...

K, so we know there are a million pictures, but we have had a busy week. We have had a lot going on and have taken a lot of pictures. So here is our blog update. A big one!!!

Going Away Party...

A few of us had a going away party for our friends The Torgerson's and The Rose's. They are both moving away to go to school. We have gotten to be good friends and are so sad to see them leave. We want to wish them both the best of luck. We are grateful for their friendships. We will miss you! Karson, Cruz, Presli and Dax
Brittney, Me and Leslie
Me, Leslie, Amber, Dabney, Brynne, Lou, Brittney, Whitney and Kristi
The BOYS! (Joe wanted me to make sure you knew he was posing on purpose!)

All the kids...Karson, Cruz, Presli, Dax, Dylan, Andrew and Jack

Splash Pad

A fun day at the Splash Pad.
Dax and Presli hugging! Something they do quite often. That and kissing in church!
Presli running from the water.
Kars and Dax posing for the camera.

Happy 24th!!!!

We had a fun 24th of July. We just relaxed during the day, and then went to a BBQ at my parents. My uncle Jeff and cousin Bethany were down from Tremonton. We ate and swam, and then came to our house and did a few fireworks for Presli. She loved watching them. Her favorite was to hold the sparklers. She was waving them out of control!! She loved it!! Clapping for the fireworks!


Presli, Mommy and Daddy doing sparklers.

Presli kissing Papa!

Presli and Daddy watching fireworks.

Pointing at the fireworks.

Waving her sparkler.

Daddy Dip!

We put Presli in swim lessons again this year. This time was so much better. She loved it. She now dunks herself under water and will hold her breath. It's so cute how much she is loving the water. Here are a few pictures of "Daddy Dip" night! Thanks so much to Presli's awesome teacher Krista Wasden! We will definitely do it again next year! Brandon & Cruz McCoy AND Presli and Dad

Daddy and Presli

Presli swimming on her belly to get the duck.

Presli loving the water fountain!


Me, Brittney, and LeslieKarl, Dax, Presli, Joe, Karson, Brandon and Cruz

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jumpin' Jacks

A couple of Mondays ago we took the kids to a place called Jumpin Jacks for family home evening. The kids had a blast, especially Presli. The place has a bunch of blow up bouncy slides. They go from small little kiddie ones, to big tall ones about 30 feet high. Presli went crazy. We would get to the top and she would fly back onto her back, and go down by herself...yes down the 30 foot one by herself. She loved it. Although the kids had a blast, I think the adults had more fun! First time down I got road rash!! We (the adults) even got in trouble for running up the slides! So, we will be going there again in the near future!! So much fun. And it made it even more fun going with our great friends!!! Cruz, Dax, Presli and Karson.
(It was about impossible to get them all to hold still, so sorry about the blurriness!!!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th Of July

Fun Filled 4TH!!!

We had quite the fun filled 4th of July! We met a couple of our friends The Torgerson's and McCoy's at a park down town. There were lots of fun kids activities, food, booths, and rides. The kids had fun on the swings, and just playing with each other. We then headed to our friends The Cuff's and had a BBQ and swam in the pool. We had a great time. After the BBQ, we headed to my parents and swam more, and ate more!!! Presli took a quick nap and then we headed home to get ready. The night of the 4th we went to the Sunbowl for the Country Music Showdown. It's a country music singing competition that Joe's dad MC's every year. Our friends the Torgerson's, McCoys, and Klarman's came. Grandma and Grandpa Rieck were there, and my mom came for a few minutes to watch the fireworks. Presli was a little nervous at first, but ended up enjoying them. She was beat by the end of the day. She was out the second we got in the car, and slept til 10:00 the next morning!!! We had a fun day!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

mY bIG gIRL...

K, so I know these are not the greatest pictures, but with this 15 month old, there is absolutely no holding still for even five seconds. I try my hardest to get pictures of Presli, but she won't hold still. She's got the "Cheese" down, but she runs while doing it. So here are a couple pics of my big girl! She is growing so fast. Every day I can't believe how fast the past 15 months have went. She is so much fun and is saying so much!!! Every day is a joy!!!